Fill in a tax return over the year of migration and – in most cases – receive a tax refund!

In most cases a tax and premium benefit can be achieved in the year of migration, either moving to or moving out of the Netherlands. As to the premiums this benefit follows from the fact that premium can be calculated on a time related basis. This in practice means that per month no more premium can be due than 1/12 of the maximum annual premium. When the taxable income on annual basis is higher than appr. EUR 35,000, this time related method may well offer a benefit. As to the taxes, employers calculate the wage tax due on annual basis and divide the outcome over 12 months. Continue reading “Fill in a tax return over the year of migration and – in most cases – receive a tax refund!”

Нидерланды в качестве альтернативы для Кипра

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После недавних финансовых событий на Кипре инвесторы, возможно, рассматривает возможность изменения кипрской компании холдинга и / или финансовой компании к компании, расположенных в других странах Европейского Союза.Нидерланды предлагают не только интересную налоговый режим, но также предлагает хорошо развитую инфраструктуру. Хотя банковский сектор в Нидерландах рассмотреть, является загрузочным в размере – по отношению к экономике в целом – голландская экономика была установлена ​​на очень широко. Continue reading “Нидерланды в качестве альтернативы для Кипра”

The Netherlands as an alternative to Cyprus

Following the recent financial events in Cyprus, investors maybe considering to change their Cyprus holding and/or finance company to a company located elsewhere in the European Union. The Netherlands offers not only an interesting tax regime but also offers a well established infrastructure. Although the banking sector in the Netherlands is considerable in size – in relation to the economy as a whole – the Dutch economy is established very broadly. Not leaning heavily on one single sector, making it less vulnerable. The Netherlands offers a wide range of interesting tax treaties with in excess of 200 different countries. Continue reading “The Netherlands as an alternative to Cyprus”