We offer a tax return service for expats.
Please contact us in order to discuss preparing your Dutch personal income tax return. The filing deadline for the 2014 personal income tax return ends on May 1st, 2015. As part of our all-inclusive tax service we can offer you, if so required, a long extension period for filing. This extended term offers you the additional time needed to collect all relevant information.

Our expertise & our services

One of our selling points is that we process all tax returns in person, we do not use online forms you need to fill in. Instead we offer a far more personal service. The Dutch tax legislation is not the only relevant source in order to prepare a tax return. Also e.g. case law, government’s/tax authorities’ policy and tax treaties can be of importance to get the most out of your tax return. We have knowledge of, and access to, all relevant documentation in this respect. Especially in the year in which you have entered or left the Netherlands, the tax compliance can be some what complex. The tax return in the year of migration may however well lead to a tax refund; please be referred to the following article: http://www.okxvanleeuwen.com/?p=341.

Furthermore we can prepare your request for a preliminary tax refund for the year 2015, e.g. related to mortgage interest deduction. Of course we can also be of service with regard to your tax return for earlier tax years. We offer a personal service at competitive fixed fees.

Fixed fee
We can offer a competitive fixed fee for preparing Dutch Personal income tax (“PIT”) returns and this fee includes the following activities:
• Drawing up the PIT return of the relevant year of the expat and possibly his/her fiscal partner;
• Drawing up an accompanying letter containing a summary of the PIT return as well as possible points of attention, assumptions and an elaboration on the points of view taken in the PIT return. This letter will also include a power of attorney. By signing this power of attorney the client grants permission for us to file the PIT return;
• If applicable, in case of a 30% ruling, check whether the partial foreign tax payer status can be beneficial;
• Upon request discuss the content of the PIT return with the expat by phone, by email or in person during a meeting;
• All related correspondence with the tax authorities and with the expat;
• Electronically filing the PIT return;
• Check the PIT assessments and related correspondence with client;
• Taking up the expat in our tax filing extension ruling with the tax authorities. Depending on the specific situation of the client, our aim is to finalise the PIT returns within a maximum period of two months after all relevant information has been received by us from the client

Partners in Expat Services
We have a number of Partners in Expat Services, we work with accountants, notaries, banks, insurance brokers and trust companies all specialised in serving Expats.

Our prefered supplier in the field of insurances (e.g. house and car) is Vervier insurances. With our help you can be sure to receive the lowest available insurance fee quote. Vervier can also assist with arranging mortgage loans. Feel free to contact us.

We are present on the Expatica website to advise expats on a broad range of tax issues, please check the tax issues as previously discussed by us: http://www.expatica.com/nl/ask_expert/expert/jan-hein-van-leeuwen.html

Please contact Jan-Hein van Leeuwen for any tax queries you may have. You are more than welcome at our office for a free of charge introduction meeting in order to discuss your tax advisory needs. Send me an email: jan-hein@okxvanleeuwen.com or you can reach me by phone: +31 6 46605520.

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